Free events about platforms and e-learning – every week!

TicTac regularly offers free webinars to help you understand and get started with digital learning. The webinars are available in English and Swedish, and you can take part as many times as you want. You also have the chance to ask questions.

TicTac Corporate Learning

Lern Café – Updates to Corporate Learning

In our free Learning Café session, our experts share their extensive knowledge with you. Each time, you can expect exciting new content on the topic of corporate learning to provide you with optimal support for the creation of e-learning courses in your company.

Lunch and Learn – Updates to Articulate

We cordially invite all users of Articulate 360 and Storyline 360 to participate in our free Lunch & Learn session. Our experts will share their knowledge about working with the authoring tools and inform you about new updates and features.


Articulate und Storyline – Your Nr.1 authoring tool

Articulate 360 lets you create e-learning content quickly and easily. The Articulate Suite offers you a selection of different tools, so you always have the right program for your learning needs. Our free live demos give you an overview of the tools and give you the opportunity to ask all your questions.

Vyond – Your Software for animated videos

With Vyond you can create creative animated videos for varied e-learning courses. The courses can be created exclusively with Vyond or you can transfer individual sequences into your Articulate course. In our free Vyond live demo you get an introduction to the animation tool and can ask your questions.


GO+ – Your LMS to get started

GO+ is a cloud-based platform that is easy to integrate with existing systems and is responsive, so it works on all devices. You can also create micro-learning modules directly within the platform! We will introduce you to what you need to know to use GO+ as effectively as possible.

Docebo – Your LMS for complex enterprises

Do you want to create personalised training streams for users with the aid of AI? Do you want users to be able to exchange knowledge using a social platform?
All this and much more is possible with Docebo. We will introduce you to what you need to know to use Docebo as effectively as possible.

Date                     Time                       Language

15 june                  11:00 (CET)            English

29 june                  11:00 (CET)            English

13 july                  11:00 (CET)            English

Date                     Time                       Language

8 june                 11:00 (CET)            English

5 july                 11:00 (CET)            English

2 august                 11:00 (CET)            English


During the seminar we will show you how to build up an e-learning course from start to finish. We will explain everything you need to know to use Articulate Rise as effectively as possible.

Articulate Storyline is a tool for everyone who wants to create e-learning with a high degree of interactivity. Build game-like scenarios or create interactive movie streams – the only limit is your imagination!

Date                     Time                       Language

13 june                  15:00 (CET)            English

11 july                  15:00 (CET)            English

8 august                  15:00 (CET)            English

Date                     Time                       Language

4 july                 11:00 (CET)            English

1 august                 11:00 (CET)            English

29 august                 11:00 (CET)            English

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