Case Study: Interlake supports LEONHARD WEISS with Compliance e-learning

Dec 8, 2022 | E-learning

At a glance:

The project: Creation of an e-learning course on compliance using the authoring tool Articulate 360.

Company name: LEONHARD WEISS GmbH & Co. KG

Industry of the company: Construction company

The company

Founded in 1900 by Leonhard Weiß, the successful construction company has now also established itself in an international context: although the main locations are in Göppingen and Satteldorf, i.e. in Germany, the company is also represented in various European countries. The approximately 6,500 employees combine various professional groups – industrial, technical and also commercial employees support the company in the projects that arise. At the same time, they always remain true to their company vision: “All of us, from the apprentice, the construction worker to the boss, create our common future. We stick together and help each other, which is why we feel comfortable with each other. We say with conviction: “Experience the joy of building with LEONHARD WEISS.”

The challenge

Since the topic of “Compliance” also plays a major role in the field of construction in order to ensure security in data protection and occupational safety, it also represents a mandatory instruction for LEONHARD WEISS, which every employee must repeat at intervals of 2 years. Such training, which affects all employees, involves a great deal of time and effort as well as high costs – which is why LEONHARD WEISS decided to digitize the learning content. However, general e-learnings that can be purchased on the topic of compliance are not specific enough. The required learning content is company-specific: own examples, persons and incidents are to be integrated. Therefore, a customized compliance e-learning course is the only way to minimize cost and effort. After a 6-month selection process of tender documents and supplier workshops, LEONHARD WEISS finally decided on Interlake as the supporting company – the versatility of the offer, our many years of experience and the positive feedback from our customers were particularly convincing. In the period from May 2022 to September 2022, it was then possible, as part of a tandem project, through the expertise of Interlake and the excellent cooperation with colleagues from LEONHARD WEISS, to create a digital course that will be used in the future for compliance training in the company.

The implementation

Thanks to the popular authoring tool Articulate 360 and the support of Interlake’s team of experts, an e-learning course on compliance was developed in close cooperation with LEONHARD WEISS and will initially be made available to more than 3000 employees. This digitization of learning content brings great added value: instructors can transfer their knowledge to the e-learning course once, saving time and providing mandatory training to employees on a regular basis. Articulate 360 provided the necessary individuality: appealing personal elements of the course enable a high level of identification with the company.


The project was successfully completed thanks to smooth professional cooperation – we always endeavored to communicate quickly and without complications in order to clarify questions as quickly as possible. Communication via the Microsoft Teams app and the weekly scheduled meeting for coordination proved to be particularly useful. We look back on an efficient creation process in which all initial goals were achieved.

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