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Jun 27, 2022 | E-learning

At a glance

The project: Creation of two animation videos with the animation tool Vyond with a length of approx.60-90 seconds. The films appealed to two different target groups, which will then be included on the website as an “explanatory video”.

Company name:

Industry of the company: Start-up: Airline industry (flight sharing)

The company

“High up” is what the company wants. With the goal of giving people unique experiences, the company, founded in 2021, offers a platform to bring together people interested in flying and pilots. For the customer, this means transparency and direct contact with the pilots. Pilots, in turn, benefit from offering their service without fixed contractual terms with the platform. The special feature: both the contract and the organizational coordination take place directly between the flight participants and the pilots.

The challenge

Creating transparency was also the declared goal of the cooperation between and TicTac. Two explanatory Beyond videos for clearly illustrate the processes and functions provided with the platform.

The first video is aimed specifically at customers. With the help of the video, those interested in flying receive an understandable explanation of how the flight booking process works and how they can get in touch with the pilot for further coordination.

The second video is aimed directly at the pilots: how does the registration as a pilot work, how is the payment processed and what does the concrete process of a flight booking look like? The explanatory video provides a lot of helpful information and tips.

The implementation

For the creation of the two videos, the animation software Vyond was the tool of choice. In addition, the expertise of the TicTac team in the field of digital learning came into play extensively in the implementation: in addition to the concept creation, it was also necessary to write the storyboard, define suitable characters, create the animations in Vyond and prepare them for publication on the website. In addition, expert audio recording equipment was used for professional voice recordings, as well as the pleasant voice of our colleague.

Within the project time of approx. 2 months, two entertaining Vyond videos were created for, which convey all information in an understandable, uncomplicated and relaxed way to the two target groups. The results can be experienced here: – once under the heading “Become a fellowpilot” and under “Become a pilot“.

Conclusion – Vyond videos for

In conclusion, the cooperation between the participants of and the TicTac Group was extremely cooperative, pleasant and successful. It remains exciting – further joint projects are already in the starting blocks. We are looking forward to it!

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