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Dec 5, 2022 | Docebo

Do you work with external customers and partners who need training in your product and vision? If so, Docebo is the perfect answer. Docebo is the market’s leading platform for e-learning. It uses an AI engine and advanced social learning features to ensure the right content reaches the right users. If you work with partners, Docebo is the platform that enables you to build a scalable academy – to provide broad training at individual level and build competence exactly when and where it is needed.

Docebo’s clients already include companies such as L’Oréal, Samsung and Zoom, who have all chosen the platform for good reasons. As an official partner of Docebo, TicTac knows how you can do the same! Here are our five top tips on how to build a sustainable and long-term academy for your business.

1.   Set up an external academy

Make sure you choose a platform that is scalable and flexible. This lets you customise the platform to suit different partners and customers and configure it so that the right brand and content is accessible by the right partner and/or customer.

2.   Decide what you want to communicate

Do you want your partners and customers to learn about your product portfolio, how to market it or how to handle sales situations? Perhaps the most important thing for you is that they understand your vision and how you aim to achieve it? You can actually choose whether to include all of the above – and more! The important thing is that you have a clearly defined vision and plan for how you want to use the academy and what type of content each group should receive.

3.   Think big and scale sustainably

Having a vision and knowing what you want to communicate are essential when building an integrated platform that creates value for partners and customers. But building content can take time and, as with so much else in life, slow and steady is often the best strategy for scaling sustainably. Your academy should have its own roadmap and a dedicated team with a strong project manager who achieve progress through clear iterations. Investing this way now will pay off in the future.

4.   Bring in experts and professional trainers

Build credibility and engagement by consulting those who know best: professional trainers and experts. They may already be on your team, or you may want to use researchers, professionals or customers who already use your product. They are the people who really know how your product works and how to use it most effectively. This will shine through in your content and build credibility!

5.   Take inspiration from others who have gone before you

Beauty giant L’Oréal created its own academy, L’Oréal Access, with the help of Docebo. The company shares knowledge digitally with its global community and brings together all its brands on a single platform. It has also built a huge network of experts from all over the world.

For example, L’Oréal Access enables all subscribing hairdressers to learn new techniques and receive information about new products from experts without leaving their salons. They also get access to all information as soon as it is released. This makes it easy to keep up to date with the latest trends. 

L’Oréal has produced a brilliant information video about its L’Oréal Access e-learning hub. Watch it here for more inspiring ideas on how you could use an academy.

Watch the movie here.


We think the idea of a global community is especially smart. If someone likes a course or knows that a friend or colleague would appreciate the content, they simply share it with that person. It doesn’t matter which country or time zone you are in – as long as you are connected you have access to the full range of content. So, it’s not just L’Oréal that decides who will share which content; everyone connected can help ensure the right knowledge reaches the right person. Talk about autonomous learning

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