TicTac gets into animated video production with Vyond

Jun 18, 2021 | Vyond

Animations add zest to any e-learning experience! We have responded to the increasing demand for more formats and variety in digital learning and have now added the production of Vyond videos to our service portfolio. This expands our partnership with Vyond, the provider of the animation tool of the same name, which has already been in place since the end of 2020. In addition to acquiring Vyond licenses, we now also offer the creation of complete animations.

And this as a full-service approach, because in addition to the pure production, we also take care of the conception, project management and even the dubbing, including voiceovers, if required.

“We are delighted that Interlake is expanding its partnership with Vyond to include content production. We see tremendous potential in the use of animated video in digital learning and beyond,” said Doug Landers, Global Channel Sales Manager at Vyond.

Vyond videos as a useful supplement to digital learning content

Our more than 15 years of experience in the field of digital learning in companies and didactics has shown us time and again: Even in a work context, learning is more efficient if the learning content is varied and multifaceted – this activates the learner. “In addition to a needs-based learning concept, the way content is presented plays at least as strong a role. Content that is entertaining and interesting is simply better remembered,” confirms Anna-Lena Mathieu, Team Lead Employee Empowerment at Interlake.

Animation videos created with Vyond are a useful addition to any e-learning course for two main reasons. First, Vyond has an extensive media library. The large number of elements, such as figures, objects or backgrounds, which can also be adapted as desired, forms an ideal basis for varied animations.

On the other hand, Vyond videos can be easily integrated into e-learning courses – e.g. produced with Articulate 360, in Rise 360 or Storyline 360 – as well as PowerPoint presentations. This makes Vyond content ideally suited for multiple use and versatile.

Increasing demand for animated videos

In the course of creating various e-learning courses with Articulate 360 for our customers, more and more voices have been raised in recent years for animated learning content. We have already implemented the first customer projects. The variety created by combining classic WBT elements with animated Vyond videos gives e-learning authors completely new possibilities and learners a new experience. We notice that the demand for exactly this variety is constantly increasing.

The concept of combining e-learning and animation production has proven successful. Based on our experience, we have created an offer that can be flexibly adapted to customer needs. We thank all our customers for their trust in us and are looking forward to the exciting videos and new learning experiences!