Storytelling Vyond Masterclass

Jan 12, 2023 | Vyond

As an official Vyond partner in Germany, we are pleased to offer our customers an exclusive Vyond webinar: the experts Rance Greene and Karl Kapp share their knowledge on storytelling and gamification in the Vyond Masterclass.


The speakers

Rance Greene and Karl Kapp are American talent development experts who specialize in interactive opportunities in e-learning through storytelling and gamification. As part of their work, they have even published a few books explaining the connection between interactivity and learning success.

So that you too can become an expert in storytelling and gamification and apply the methods in your e-learnings, the two experts have come together for an exclusive Vyond Masterclass, which is now available on demand.


The Masterclass Sessions

“The Disappearance of Stories” – Rance Greene.

In this web session, Rance Greene gets to the bottom of the mystery of disappearing stories. Because although stories are also significant for learning success for adults, this important method is by far not used in every e-learning. Through his knowledge and experience, Greene aims to provide participants with the importance of storytelling in e-learning, as well as all the skills needed to put stories back at the center of training – and achieve great results.

Learn all you need to know about designing, creating, and using stories in learning with Rance Greene!

“Building Stories with Gamification” – Karl Kapp

How to keep your learners’ attention and maximize learning success is revealed by renowned interactive learning expert Karl Kapp. With so many technological options and other everyday stimuli, it is increasingly difficult for learners today to stay focused throughout a course. Through the concept of “gamification”, interactive elements are integrated into e-learning, which ensure fun and thus concentration during learning. In this web session, you’ll learn how gamification works, why it’s so meaningful, and how you can implement gamified learning methods yourself.


If you would like to attend this inspiring and informative event, you can register here for free to register for the webinar and access the videos on-demand.

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