Through didactics to more efficiency in learning – now es a self-study training

Aug 28, 2022 | Training

Didactics – also referred to as the art of teaching, is a topic that has become indispensable in the field of digital learning. But why is didactics so important for successful digital learning in the first place and what does it depend on?

Efficient digital learning through didactics

Didactics helps us to accurately plan and structure an e-learning course. The focus is on the learner himself and a concept that conveys the course content in such a way that the learner absorbs, understands and can apply the knowledge.

Thanks to the didactics the methods and content are individually adapted to the learners, thus enabling much more efficient learning. There are many possible applications – anyone who wants to teach another person something will benefit from the knowledge of didactics. It doesn’t matter which program is used to produce an e-learning course: whether Storyline 360, Rise 360, or Vyond – the didactic knowledge can be applied to any learning situation.

NEW: Our Didactics Training – the optimal support

In order to make the most of the efficiency potential of learning and to create an ideal learning experience for learners, we have developed a didactic training course that is now available as a self-learning training course. Our training combines everything that is necessary to prepare didactically sound courses. Exciting topics such as target group analysis, design rules, formulating learning objectives, and the distribution of tasks and roles in production await you.

The big advantage: our training specializes in didactics in the context of digital learning. At the first moment, digital learning content creation faces the challenge of possible lack of interactions between teachers and learners, as well as between learners themselves. But this is by no means a disadvantage. It is only necessary to create alternative interaction possibilities, which is why didactic teaching methods differ somewhat in the digital context. Through a targeted use of media and interactive elements, the digital learning content becomes an enriching experience for the learners.

Didactics Training as optimal preparation of learning content

In our didactics training, course participants learn how to turn digital learning content into an experience. Thus, the training enables an optimal preparation for the production of web-based trainings and interactive e-learning courses. In order to ideally combine the training with everyday work and private life, it is now possible to go through the training completely in self-study! Participants benefit from the many years of expertise of Interlake’s team of trainers and their experience in creating digital learning content. With the help of sophisticated didactic elements and the ideal mixture of theory and practice, the didactics training succeeds in turning every participant into a didactics expert.

Ideal mix of theory and practice

With the “ADDIE Model” we present a guideline that accompanies every digital learning content creation process. The practical “LernMerker” helps to document the contents of the training by means of a writable PDF. In addition, the integrated practical exercises allow students to reflect on and implement the knowledge they have learned, so that the skills they have acquired can be applied directly to their own ideas once the training is complete. At the end, there is even the opportunity to didactically revise your own project, whether already completed or still in the planning stage, as part of the training.

Would you also like to further your didactic education in order to produce even more efficient e-learning courses in the future? Then sign up for our self-study didactics training and benefit from flexible learning times that can be perfectly integrated into your life and work routine! Currently you can get the training at an attractive introductory price.