DevLearn in Las Vegas: Vyond presents product update

Oct 28, 2022 | Vyond

On Oct. 26, Vyond presented an extensive product update at DevLearn in Las Vegas: through the use of artificial intelligence, Vyond users can now enjoy many new features and possibilities. The three keywords “Fast”, “Powerful” and “Relevant” make it clear what will change in the future: Videos can be created 10 times faster, Vyond will become even more powerful through special features and relevant through a variety of new content for every learning need. We briefly present some of these features below.

“Fast” – features for faster work

In order to create animated videos, the necessary figures must first be designed – Vyond has now integrated a new function into the program with which animated figures can be created from any photo within seconds – this saves an enormous amount of time and at the same time always delivers exactly fitting figures for e-learning.

The artificial intelligence used also makes it possible to produce e-learnings in different languages within a very short time. The entire text of a video can be translated into 71 languages without any additional work. Thus, one created video becomes many different courses that can be used for different target groups and countries. Finally, to ensure a perfect, error-free course, the text from the video can also be exported, edited and re-imported. This enables smooth collaboration between individual team members, as feedback is implemented more quickly.

“Powerful” – Vyond even more powerful

When producing an e-learning course, it is important to organize the collaboration in the creation process well and to ensure fluent communication between team members. In large companies, this is a particular challenge. That is why it is now possible to create notes in the margins of the video and make them accessible to all other team members – this facilitates internal communication and the implementation of feedback. System administrators also have an overview of all login activities and related changes to the project, which is especially helpful in large companies to enable control and security.

In addition, courses created in Vyond can now be more customized – the new “Branding Feature” allows users who have a Vyond Enterprise license to easily share Brand Guidelines within the team and create their own personalized templates that reflect the company’s design.

“Relevant” – new topics for more diversity

The Content Library delights Vyond users with a wide range of themes and matching designs, characters and animation options. Now this broad spectrum has been expanded even further to provide the right content for every learning need. On the one hand, data can be displayed even more creatively and even animated with the help of the new diagrams. For another, even SVG files can be imported into the program to integrate your own elements into the e-learning course – these SVG elements can then be changed in color and size, just like any existing element in the Content Library. Thus, Vyond enables a whole new level of individuality – there are no limits to creativity!

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