Vyond Storytelling Masterclass – Fall 2023

Sep 25, 2023 | Vyond

We’re excited to bring you another Vyond Storytelling Masterclass, a selection of exciting on-demand web sessions on how to use the new AI-based content tools to create more memorable and unique videos in less time in the future.

The webinars of the current Masterclass, all in English, will again be held by experienced experts from various fields: Duncan Wardle, former head of innovation and creative at Disney, Jules White, ChatGPT expert and AI pioneer, and Gary Lipkowitz and Taylor Morgan from Vyond. More webinars will follow in the fall, as part of a series and masterclasses.

The sessions

Human creativity and artificial intelligence (AI): a new approach for content writers – Duncan Wardle

In this session, Duncan Wardle explains how content creators can use the new capabilities of artificial intelligence to overcome blocks and bring ideas to life. In particular, Wardle focuses on developing effective communication tools and explains how AI can help people get more out of their creativity. At the same time, practical application is also addressed so that the content and tips can be directly applied to L&D, HR and more.

AI for L&D: Tips from an AI education expert – Jules White

In this session, Jules White, University Professor, explains how his university is using generative AI to educate faculty and students – sharing an academic perspective on digital learning. With his deep experience in creating digital learning content for audiences of all kinds, he is now able to derive tips and advice to apply to corporate employee training. White explains how AI text and image tools, as well as ChatGPT and Midjourney, can be used to best effect to create digital learning content, saving time and resources.

Vyond’s vision for applied AI – Gary Lipkowitz and Taylor Morgan.

In this session, Vyond experts Gary Lipkowitz and Taylor Morgan will specifically discuss the opportunities with Vyond and its AI-based tools, such as Vyond GO, and explain how Vyond solves many of the problems that arise when using AI to create digital learning content. If handled safely, using Vyond’s AI-based tools can save a lot of time and ensure a better result.

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We appreciate your interest and hope that the Masterclass will give you lots of new inspiration for creating digital learning content!